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When do we ship?

We ship through UPS on Tuesdays or Wednesday. This ensures you receive your meat in a timely fashion and it's not left on a truck to spoil over the weekend.

What does grass fed, grass finished mean?

Our animals have never been fed grain products to maintain, grow, or finish. We grow our beef on a grass forage based system year around. They have no added hormones and are antibiotic free.

Where does your meat come from?

All of our animals are raised here on our farm. We have selected genetics to produce quality meat that does well in our environment. They have no added hormones and are antibiotic free.

How can I buy your products?

All of our products are available online. We look forward to being apart of local farmers markets in the Pacific Northwest and will keep you updated. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters for all of this info!

What is sustainable/regenerative farming?

Sustainable regenerative farming is a set of agricultural based systems with the key goal of repairing soils and environments that have been damaged and to bring back a sustainable system. We use our diverse livestock to encourage the cycle of soil to forage and back to soil again.