Here at Cascade Sheep & Cattle Co.

We work hard to create a nutrient dense soil in the Yakima Valley, which in turn grows thriving plants, and leads to healthy animals. When we consume quality grass fed/grass finished meat you better believe that leads to your quality of life. You can expect great service, quick turn around times, and of course wholesome meat free from hormones and antibiotics. 


We believe in well managed land and our animals help to do that.


Healthy food starts here.


We deliver. You enjoy!

Meet The Owners

Cascade Sheep & Cattle Co. is a family-run operation located in Yakima Valley, Washington, where Justin and Tyler have been raising their families for over 20 years. Both brothers come from a long line of farmers and have dedicated themselves to learning and implementing Sustainable Farming and Ranching Practices, particularly focusing on Regenerative Agriculture.  For well over a decade we have submersed ourselves in learning and practicing Regenerative Agriculture from the industry's best. 

At Cascade Sheep & Cattle Co., we pride ourselves on our holistic and sustainable approach to raising grass-fed beef and lambs. We use a rotational total grazing method, providing our animals with the best nutrition by moving them daily. Our crops are grown to stockpile for winter grazing, and we ensure our animals have access to a well-balanced mineral package year-round. Additionally, we prioritize regenerating our soil through biological methods rather than relying on synthetic fertilizers.

In a world where terms like 'organic' and 'natural' can be misleading, we strive to provide our customers with a specific and transparent understanding of what we offer. C.S.C. aims to show the benefits of consuming high-quality, sustainably raised meat products. Join us on our journey to share our passion for sustainable farming and ranching with you.