BURRITO BOWL - grass fed ground beef or lamb, Yakima Washington, Cascade Sheep & Cattle Co.




SERVES: 10-12 servings

PREP AND COOK: 30 mins. prep & cook 

Who doesn't love one pot meals!

Less dishes means easier and quicker clean up!  Plus, you can be reassured that when  you use our meat to feed your family you're giving them higher amounts of vitamins and antioxidants!  

Grass fed, grass finished meat for the win!


- 2 lbs. cooked ground beef or lamb

- 1 (28oz) can Rotel original diced tomatoes

- 1 (28oz) can crushed tomatoes

- 2 (29oz) cans drained kidney beans

- 2-3 c. cooked rice of choice

- 1/2 c. frozen corn

- 1 small diced onion

- taco seasoning or mexi seasoning of choice



shredded cabbage

corn chips

sheedded cheese


sour cream




1) Sauté diced onion and sprinkle with salt.

 2) Add ground meat of choice and brown.

 3) Add seasoning, frozen corn, drained kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, Rotel tomatoes, and cooked rice.

 4) Stir and heat through.




  • We like to use cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper in place of taco seasoning.
  • Instead of adding rice to the dish you can choose to plate it and spoon the burrito bowl over it.
  • This is a great one pot meal and makes for good leftovers!
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